Mac Printing Password Update


After you change your Alma password, you won’t be able to print on college owned Macs because the credentials for printing saved in your keychain will be invalid.  What you will need to do is delete the keychain entry and then save it with your new credentials.  Cancel any pending print jobs and then do the following.


¨1. In the Applications/Utilities folder open Keychain Access

2. Select the entry that starts with “acprintq”.  That is the name of our print server.

3. From the Edit menu, select “Delete.  Click on Delete to confirm.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you had more than one item that started with acprintq.

5. Open a document and select Print.  You will get asked for username and

6. Highlight and delete the username shown and enter your Alma username.  That needs to be exactly what you enter to log into  I.E. smithjk.  Your username is not your full email address and it also is not what you use to log into your computer.  I.E. it is not “Jim” or “”. 

7. Enter your new Alma password.

8. Check the box to remember the password in your keychain.

9. If you have tried following this procedure and are still having trouble please contact the Help Desk at 463-7103,, or submit a ticket on