ITS Help Desk

Introducing the new online Alma College Information Technology Services Help Desk

Alma College ITS would like to announce a new help desk system for all of your IT needs. The system has been designed to improve usability, simplify access to the full range of IT services, and encourage customer feedback. Tickets may be submitted via email under the new system at, and users will receive more regular ticket updates.  Users will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on ticket responses through a very short two-question survey to help ITS improve support services.

To access the ITS Help Desk, simply go to and login in with your Alma College username and password. You’ll be greeted with a page asking you to select a request type: Technical Support Request or Service Catalog.

Understanding the difference between the two ticket types is key to using the system.

Help Desk - Two Ticket Types

Technical Support Request

If you are opening a ticket because a technology you use is not functioning properly, you will want to choose Technical Support Request. Examples of technical support requests would include a computer that can’t print, a classroom projector that will not turn on, or an error message that pops up on your computer screen. If something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed – that would be considered a technical support request.

Service Catalog

ITS requests that are not break/fix related will typically be Service Catalog requests. Examples of a Service Catalog ticket would include requesting the delivery of a projector cart for a presentation in an unmediated space, a request for a loaner laptop to take to a conference, training requests, modifying system access rights, and telephone system changes. You can explore the wide variety of services offered by selecting Service Catalog from the drop-down and browsing through the selections.

Entering a Technical Support Request

ITS Help Desk - Support Request

When you select Technical Support Request from the drop-down you will see additional fields open up to add information. The only information that is required is a short subject and the request details. If the technical support needed is specific to a location (this could be your office, a classroom, a conference room, or some other shared space) you can select the building from the Building drop-down. You can also type in a room number. Preferred Phone can be either your cell or office number and you can choose if you would prefer to be contacted by phone or email about the support request. If you have a screenshot or other file type that would assist in describing the problem, you can include it as an attachment. Once you have entered your information, just click on “save” to submit.

Choosing a Service Request from the Service Catalog

ITS Help Desk - Service Request

When you select Service Catalog from the drop-down you will be given a drop-down list of IT services to choose from. Depending on what you select you may be asked to select from additional drop-down menus to help us properly route your request. Please select the appropriate service needed and provide details on your request.

Tracking Your Ticket After It Is Submitted

ITS Help Desk - Ticket Tracking

Once you click on “save” to submit a ticket you will be prompted with a ticket number to reference as well as a notice that an email confirmation is coming. The onscreen notification also informs you that you can check the status of your ticket at any time by clicking on the History button above. Updates to your ticket will be sent by email and will also be posted here.

ITS Help Desk - Ticket Tracking

More Information

If any additional information is needed on using the system feel free to reach out to Andrew Bare at #7420 or with any questions. Also keep in mind that you can also receive help desk support by calling #7303 or by visiting the ITS Help Desk in Swanson Academic Center, room 117.