Office 365 FAQ

Learn what the switch to Office 365 means for your login, calendar, password and more below.

Need help navigating the new system? Check out our how to page to learn how to perform common tasks in 0365.

When is the change occurring?

The switch to Office 365 will be made the evening of May 31, 2015.

Who is affected?

Zimbra accounts for all student, faculty, staff and alumni will be migrated to Office 365.

Will my email address change?

No, but alumni aliases from our old email system will be dropped. These begin with two numbers, such as 11jasmit. 

Your email address will remain the same,  

Will my login name change?

After May 31 you will need to include the Alma College domain when authenticating to the new mail system. Instead of entering “doej” you will need to enter “”.

Will my password change?

No, the new system is tied to the campus network directory. Your email password will remain the same as your campus network password.

What features are included in Office 365?

  • 50G of mail storage
  • 1T of OneDrive file storage
  • Online versions of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote
  • Offline version of Microsoft Office for up to 5 devices (except for alumni accounts)
  • Lync/Skype for Business providing chat, video conferencing

What will happen to my existing email, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries?

Zimbra mail, contacts, tasks and calendar entries will be migrated to O365. Message attachments larger than 25M will be stored in OneDrive.  

Which Zimbra settings or content will NOT be migrated to O365 for me?

The following Zimbra settings will need to be manually configured under O365:

  • Filters 
  • Signatures 
  • Auto-responders
  • Mail account, folder and calendar sharing rights

Will my Zimbra briefcase be migrated?

The content of your Zimbra briefcase will be copied to your Alma network home directory.  For Windows users, this will show up as P:\My Documents\Zimbra Briefcase.  Mac users will find their files at \\\evol\home\<user ID>\My Documents\Zimbra Briefcase .

Will I need to change any settings on my device clients?

Web based mail access will continue to be accessible through the portal or at Phone, tablet and IMAP computer clients will require a new profile. Instructions for configuring these clients may be found on our how to page.

Where can I get technical assistance?

The preferred way to open a help desk ticket is online at The help desk phone number is 989-463-7303.

Will there be workshop training opportunities at Alma College?

We are planning on holding some training workshops for those interested this summer as well as in the fall. Summer workshops will start in June and focus on the basics of working within the mail system. This fall we will have some workshop opportunities to learn more about some of the more collaborative tools in Office 365.

Does Microsoft offer any online training resources I can look at?

For those who would like to get into some training in advance we do have some online resources available. 

Microsoft has their own training available online for Office 365 at the following links:

Office 365 Learning Center

Office 365 Training and Tutorials

Learn your way around Office 365