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We are here to help you with your campus computing questions and concerns.

Computing resources at Alma College are of a diverse nature. General labs, residence halls, and departmental labs make use of PC systems running mainly Windows and Macintosh systems running Mac OS X. UNIX and Linux systems are also in use on campus, mainly as servers and in Computer Science labs.

Wireless network access is available in all campus buildings, including the Wright Avenue Apartments, theme housing units, and the Alma College Bookstore.

Guests may also access the campus wireless network, using a one-day guest pass. Guest users requiring longer than a one-day pass should contact User Services for assistance. If you have difficulties, contact Information Technology Services at (989) 463-7303 for assistance.

One-day Network Guest Pass Instructions
  1. Select the “ACGuest” wireless network from your device.
  2. A system browser will open automatically to the registration page in most cases.  If a browser is not automatically opened, manually launch your preferred browser to any non-secure web page.  You will be redirected to the Alma College registration page.  (
  3. Choose the “1 Day Network Access” option and complete the registration form.
  4. After clicking “Continue” it will take 45 seconds to transfer your system to the Guest network.

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