Human Resources

Alma College is committed to the success of its employees.  Through the performance management process, a constant line of communication will be established beginning with the onboarding process and continuing throughout the duration of the employment relationship.  The performance review process provides an avenue to review performance and establish goals for the next review period.

Upcoming Training For the New Process and Forms

May 29             2:00 PM                      Supervisors        Smith Room

May 30             10:00 AM                    Supervisors        Olofsson Room

May 30             2:00 PM                      All staff               Olofsson Room

May 31             9:00 AM                      All staff               Smith Room

May 31             3:00 PM                      Supervisors        Smith Room

June 4             11:00 AM                     Supervisors        Smith Room

June 4              3:00 PM                      All staff               Smith Room