Human Resources

Employment Policies

Civil Rights Policies and Procedures

Alma College affirms its commitment to promote the goals of fairness and equity in all aspects of the educational enterprise.

Drug Free Workplace Policy

Possession or use of controlled substances or alcohol are prohibited on the Alma College campus.

Faculty Phased Retirement Information

Alma College offers a voluntary phased retirement program to tenured and continuing faculty age 55 and above, with a minimum 10 years of full-time continuous service to Alma College in a tenured or continuing faculty position (or positions).  

Hiring Procedures for Non-faculty Positions

Follow this supervisor’s checklist for posting jobs, interviewing candidates, offering the job and closing the search.

Humanitarian Relief Policy

Leave time requests to support humanitarian relief service opportunities are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Intellectual Property

This policy will define the ownership, legal protection development and licensing of intellectual properties conceived or first reduced to practice by persons subject to this policy.

Manual of Organization and Employment

Alma College’s collection of documents that define the organization’s rules, policies and procedures for faculty and staff. 

Moving Expense Policy

Alma College will pay a moving allowance to new faculty and administrative staff.  

Pay Policy for Non-exempt Employees

Alma College pays non-exempt employees for all time worked in a work week. This includes “compensable time” by employees outside of their regular work schedule.

Social Media Policy

The Social Media policy helps to define acceptable use by those members of the Alma community who create content intended for the Internet as part of their institutional responsibilities or who use Alma College in their profile name.

Social Security Number Privacy

Alma College will protect the confidentiality of its employee’s Social Security numbers and those collected in the ordinary course of Alma business.  

Teaching, Advising and Academic Rank for Non-faculty Staff

Temporary faculty appointments may be arranged with supervisory approval.

Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule Policy

Regular non-instructional employees may request a reduced work schedule. 
     Application for Voluntary Reduced Work Schedule