Human Resources

To assist employees in planning for retirement, the college has established a defined contribution retirement plan. After one year of service, the college contributes an amount equal to 8% of an employee’s base compensation to an account in the employee’s name. In addition there is also an opportunity for an employee to make additional contributions and to manage their own investments. Full details are found in the plan documents listed below.

Defined Contribution Plan SPD

Supplemental Tax Deferred Retirement Plan SPD

403(b) Salary Reduction Form - Pre Tax Contribution

403 (b) Salary Reduction Form - Post Tax Roth Contribution

Enrollment Instructions


The IRS has published the 2020 retirement plan limits:

          Individual Contributions                     $19,500

                    Catch Up (Age 50+)                 $6,500

          Individual retirement Account (IRA)   $6,000

                     Catch Up (Age 50++)              $1,000

Did you know?

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