Human Resources

AXA Travel Eye

Congratulations! You and your dependents now have access to the Travel Assistance Program provided by AXA Assistance USA, Inc. This program offers you a broad range of valuable travel and medical support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With one simple phone call to our response center, you will be connected to a global network of providers to assist you when you travel 100 miles or more from home.

Travel assistance services
     • Travel assistance
          – Lost document and luggage assistance
          – Emergency cash/bail assistance
          – Emergency message transmission
          – Telephone interpretation
          – Legal referrals
          – Pre-trip and cultural information
          – Vaccination recommendations
          – General travel information
          – Vehicle return

Medical assistance services
      • Medical transportation assistance1
          – Emergency medical evacuation
          – Medical repatriation
          – Return of mortal remains
          – Return of traveling companion
          – Visit of a family member or friend
          – Return of minor children
          – Dispatch of physician
     • Medical assistance
          – Medical and dental referrals
          – Coordination of hospital admission
          – Critical care monitoring
          – Dispatch of prescription medication

If you have any questions about the services or require assistance, please contact us at:
(866) 384-2786 OR (630) 616-4536 (collect) OR  For more information, please click here.