Policies & Procedures

Looking to register a guest? Find parking information? Figure out how to change your roommate? Change your meal plan? You’ve found the right place!


Everyone must have a permit to park on campus, even guests. Special parking restrictions apply to on-street parking in the city of Alma and on the streets near the College during most of the academic year. Check street signs for specific restrictions. See parking permits and parking maps for more information.


Alma College policy requires students to register all guests by completing the Alma College Guest Registration Form. Guests may not remain for more than three nights in succession without permission of a roommate. Students are personally responsible for the actions of their guests and visitors to campus and to their rooms. Visitors and guests to the campus are expected to abide by the college’s policies and may be asked to leave campus if they violate any of these standards. The student responsible for the guest may face judicial charges. Temporary, overnight guest parking permits are available at Facilities and Service Management.

College policy permits students to entertain members of the opposite sex in their residence hall or housing unit. Members of this college community are expected to act with consideration and respect for the rights of others. No visitation privilege overrides another resident’s right to sleep, study or use the facilities of his/her room or building. No persons may cohabitate at any time. Residents should respect the need of each member of the college community for a reasonable degree of privacy.

Safety & Security

Campus Safety and Security provides support services tailored to meet the needs of the Alma College community. Some of these services include:

Motorist Assistance

Campus Safety and Security operates 24/7 – 365 days a year. The officers will assist motorists with the following needs:

  • Unlocks (Lock-outs): Contact ASAP Towing at (989) 463-5208
  • Dead Battery/Vehicle Jumps: Contact Campus Safety and Security at (989) 463-7777 or ASAP Towing at (989) 463-5208
  • Flat Tires: Contact ASAP Towing at (989) 463-5208
  • Snowbound Vehicles: Contact ASAP Towing at (989) 463-5208
Safety Escort Service

While there is very little crime on campus, students are encouraged not to walk alone on campus after dark. From dusk to dawn, students can contact Campus Safety and Security at (989) 463-7777 to request an escort to and from locations on campus or on campus-owned property. In most cases, the escort provided will be a walking escort; however, depending on staffing, the location of the escort, and availability of officers, an officer may provide a mobile escort. This is entirely at the discretion of the Campus Safety and Security officer(s) on duty.

In most cases, Campus Safety and Security officers are able to respond to escort requests within 5 – 15 minutes. Periodically, situations arise that may delay an officer’s response time. Students will be advised by the Campus Safety and Security officer of any expected delays. If you have been waiting 10 minutes and were not advised of a delay, please contact Campus Safety and Security again. Campus Safety and Security officers will never neglect to provide a requested escort that has already been agreed upon.

When requesting an escort, please inform Campus Safety and Security of all individuals needing the escort.

PLEASE NOTE: The safety escort service is provided to ensure student safety. It is also intended for students going to and from on-campus locations. Healthy, able-bodied students are expected to walk to and from locations on campus, regardless of weather conditions. Students with vehicles on campus are expected to use their vehicles for their own transportation needs. Students going off-campus should take responsibility for their own safety and ensure that they have appropriate transportation to and from campus.

Medical Escorts

Mobile escorts are available to Alma College students, faculty, and staff who may be experiencing a mobility-impairing medical condition. Contact Campus Safety and Security at (989) 463-7777 for more information.

Campus Safety and Security should be contacted immediately at (989) 463-7777 for all medical emergencies. Campus Safety and Security officers will NOT transport students to the local hospital or medical centers for medical conditions. Additionally, students are responsible for arranging transportation to medical appointments and to pick up prescriptions at off-campus locations.