Nisbet/Brazell Halls

Located directly across Superior Street from the Swanson Academic Center, Nisbet and Brazell are within a short walk of academic buildings on the North Campus.

Nisbet and Brazell are joined residence halls settled directly on West Superior Street. These halls offer students suite-style rooms with one bathroom joining together two rooms. These residence halls are reserved for upperclassmen only.

The halls are connected on the first floor by a lounge area containing an oven, microwave and a flat-screen television, giving students a relaxing place to visit with friends.

Nisbet and Brazell are directly across the street from Swanson Academic Center, making it only a short walk to academic buildings and the rest of North Campus. If you are looking for a calm living environment that accommodates studying, Nisbet and Brazell are a great choice.

Room Dimensions for Nisbet and Brazell Rooms