Newberry Hall

What makes Newberry Hall different from any other residence hall on campus?

It has its own beach! 

There may not be an ocean attached to “Newberry Beach,” but the sandy volleyball court outside the east entrance is a popular hangout for students in the spring and summer months.

Newberry Hall is nestled in between Hamilton Commons, the Clack Art Center, and Gelston Hall, making it a convenient place to live for students for when they need a meal, when they have to go to class or when they want to go hang out with friends in one of the other North Campus residence halls.

Newberry, changed from an all-female residence hall to coed in Fall 2010. The building contains the offices of various student organizations, such as The Almanian and the Scot. The hall also has a very inviting lobby area that is great for studying or relaxing with friends.

Newberry was constructed in honor of Helen Newberry Joy, who contributed many gifts to Alma College in her lifetime. The residence hall was completed after her death in 1961.

Room Dimensions for Newberry Hall Rooms