Bruske Hall

A relatively quiet hall, Bruske houses students in either the North or South towers. 

Bruske Hall is situated in the northwest area of campus. The hall is set up in quads with rooms surrounding a central community bathroom.

Residents of Bruske have many choices to accommodate their lifestyles. For example, if students prefer to live in a substance-free environment, they can choose to live in the South Tower of Bruske, which is the only substance-free option on campus. Bruske also has the “Blue Room” for when students want to take a break from the books and relax. Bruske is also convenient as it’s a few short steps from Hamilton Commons—the primary dining location on campus.

Several student organizations have organization space located in Bruske, such as the Alma College Republicans, and Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD).

The building was completed in 1967, making it the newest residence hall on North Campus. Bruske is named after Alma’s second president, August F. Bruske, who served from 1891 to 1912.

Room Dimensions for North Bruske Rooms

Room Dimensions for South Bruske Rooms