Other Campus Housing

One of the greatest advantages to a residential college is the opportunity to live in a variety of locations and variety of housing styles over your four years. Aside from standard residence halls, you can also choose to live in apartment-style, Greek or Theme housing, including the only student house in the country specifically dedicated to Model United Nations.


No matter your choice, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the experience of living in an apartment. As an added bonus, a special 160-block meal plan is assigned to all apartment residents. That means fewer dirty dishes!

Wright Hall

Wright Hall was built on the site of the original Wright Hall, a student residence from 1901-1976. It features apartment-style accommodations with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Suites are equipped with private baths, living rooms and kitchens and are completely furnished. The building has a laundry room and several study rooms set aside for student academic collaboration.

The windows throughout Wright Hall are made with energy-efficient glass, and the solar panels installed on the south side of the building fuel the hot water system. A geothermal heat pump provides heating and cooling and releases fewer toxins than an alternative gas boiler/air-cooled chiller. Many of the materials used to build Wright Hall are recycled.

Wright Hall is eligible to juniors only if space is available after senior selection. It has 60 beds available and two or four-bedroom units on all four floors. Housing units with accommodation for documented disabilities are available on the first floor. All of these apartments have four residents.

Room Dimensions for Wright Hall Apartments

Wright Avenue Apartments

The Wright Avenue apartments are eligible to juniors only if space is available after senior selection. These one and two-bedroom units have a total of 68 beds available. One-bedroom units have two residents, and two-bedroom units have four residents.

Greek Housing

Each of our fraternities and sororities is provided with a campus house that serves as a gathering place for the group and as a residence for a small number of members, usually 8 to 12. 

Themed/Special Interest Housing

We also offer special interest housing called Themed Housing, such as a Model United Nations House, a Service Learning House and the MacCurdy House, each of which accommodates a small number of students, usually ranging from 7 to 15.