Proxy Access

We’re excited to introduce a new feature to student accounts: Proxy Access. This addition gives students the opportunity to allow access to financial account information to a parent or guardian of their choosing.

Assign a Proxy!

A student (and only a student) at Alma College can select the individual(s) as his/her proxy to view a student’s statement of accounts and/or make a payment on his/her behalf. Already have on? Log on here.

Student Privacy under FERPA

This designation does not take the place of the protections afforded to the student under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Release of a student’s educational record is still not allowed without the student’s written consent, including to parents, family members and designated proxies. Therefore, Alma College will be unable to answer any questions about the information made available to a proxy without said written consent. The student can complete Consent for Disclosure form online to provide outside parties additional access to his/her educational records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I never got the login/password email to access my student’s record. What should I do?

A. First, please confirm with your student that your email address is correct in Self-Service. If not, then your student will need to contact the Financial Services Office, (989) 463-7144, to update your contact information. A copy of your username was sent to your student’s Alma College email address.

If email address on file is correct, please check your spam folder. If you are still unable to find the login/password information, contact the Financial Services Office (989) 463-7144 to verify that the proxy designation was set up correctly.

Q. I am already a proxy for one of my children. Now another one of my children is enrolled at Alma. Will I automatically have access to my second child’s information?

A. No. Your second student needs to access his or her user profile in Self-Service, and designate you as his or her proxy. Once proxy access has been granted, you can use the same username and password to access his or her information.

Q. I forgot my password. What should I do?

A. Contact the financial services office at (989) 463-7144 during regular business hours or email the office at

Q. I called Alma College Financial Services to get some clarification about my student’s bill, but wasn’t able to get any assistance. Why?

A. If your student has not completed a FERPA Consent for Disclosure, giving the college consent to release information to any/all outside parties listed on the form, then no one else can get information about your student’s record, even someone that can access your information electronically as your student’s proxy. The Consent for Disclosure can be completed online. Please share your PIN and answer to your security question with those you want to give access to your information. 

Q. I am listed on my student’s FERPA Release Form, but I can’t access his or her financial information online. Why?

A. Granting proxy access is separate from submitting the Consent for Disclosure form. Your student will need to log into Self-Service, and designate you as his or her proxy. You will receive a username/password via email, and then you’ll be able to log into Self-Service and view his or her billing and financial aid information.

Q. I am trying to log in to Proxy Access, but I am unable to do so. Why?

A. If you have your username and password and unable to get into the system, it could be because the system is down for maintenance. Our maintenance schedule is typically Monday evenings from 5-9pm. If you are trying to log in on a Monday and it’s not working, please try again after 9pm or later in the week. If that’s not the case, please contact the Financial Services Office at (989) 463-7144 or email at