Financial Aid

Alma College Check List

Below is a list of resources to help ensure that your finances, financial aid, and other items are in order for the fall term when you begin your Alma College experience.

Review below so you are ready for the
2019 Academic Year! 


Financial Aid Student Portal

The Financial Aid Portal allows the student to view their awards and any missing items needed from the Financial Aid office. 

My Awards

You can see a detailed list of all the awards you are eligible for right
on your Financial Aid Student Portal! 

my awards

Federal Direct Loans 

When you complete the FAFSA, you become eligible for Federal Direct Loans. Read more about Federal Direct Loans here! If you wish to borrow these loans, you are required to complete the steps below. If you are a returning student, and have borrowed before, you only need to complete the first step. 

box Accept, Reject or Reduce 

boz  Complete Entrance Counseling ( 

box  Complete a Master Promissory Note (

*It is required by the Federal Government that if a student borrows federal loans, they must complete the steps above. Please note the importance of completing ALL STEPS; failure to do so will result in cancellation of loans.*

Verification or Missing Information

When completing the FAFSA, sometimes we are required to fact check and collect documents from students and parents. If you are selected for verification or need to turn in some items, your Financial Aid Portal will notify you! 

image of what the missing information warning flag will look like  on your portal

box Verification

30% of all FAFSA filers are selected at random for a process called verification. Verification requires students and their parents to complete a worksheet, link taxes and turn in any W-2’s. Additional documents may be requested if necessary. Verification is important to complete in a timely manner. This is a federal regulation we must follow and students must complete if they want their Federal Aid (Grants and Loans). 
Read more about Verification! 
Payment Options

You will be billed separately for each semester. You will be expected to pay the bill for the semester before it begins. There are two offices that can assist you with those options, each offering different ways to pay! 

Financial Services Office (CashNet or Defered Payment Plan) 
P: 989-463-7144


Start a payment plan! Sign up through CashNet to set up a 5 or 10 month payment plan! Plans are offered for the full year, Fall only or Winter only. You can also set up a payment plan for the Spring Term! 

boxDeferred Payments 

This option includes setting up a two time payment for each term. For example, for the Fall term, you will be expected to pay half of the bill in August and the other half in October. 

boxSingle Payment Option

If you wish to pay on the account online, go to Acceptable payment methods include: credit card*, debit card* and e-check. 
*2.5% fee for card transaction. 

builetpointMET (529)

MET is a 592 Prepaid Tuition Plan which allows for the pre-purchase of tuition based on today’s rates and then paid out at the future cost when the beneficiary is in college. Contact Financial Services for questions! 

Helpful Resources:
Termination Refund Chart
Contract Value Worksheet. 

Financial Aid Office (Federal Direct Loans, Parent PLUS or Alt. Loan) 
P: 989-463-7347   E: 

One of the many tasks our office does is inform students and parents of options to pay off the account. They include the following: 

boxFederal Direct Loans 

Even though accepted, your Federal Direct Loans may not cover your entire balance, however it will aid in reducing that cost. It is also better to borrow your Federal Direct Loans before going to another loan due to the fact these are at lower interest rates! Review your Financial Aid Portal to accept these loans and complete your MPN and Entrance Counseling! 

boxParent PLUS Loan ( 

A federal loan that parents of dependent undergraduate students can use to help pay for college. This loan belongs to the parent, but is applied directly to the students account.

The maximum PLUS loan amount the parent can borrow is the cost of attendance (determined by the school) minus any other financial assistance received.  Review more about the PLUS Loan and fill out an application today!

boxAlternative Loan ( 

Alternative Loans** are loans from an outside source. This type of loan is  offered by multiple lenders! The student is responsible for finding the lender that they wish to apply with.
To learn more about Alternative Loans visit here!
**Please note that lenders typically require the student to have a co-signer
Access for Parents


We commend you for getting your child this far and understand the importance of your involvement during this transition! Please note that there are polices and federal regulations that we must follow that may limit your access in this transition. However, depending on the student, you actually can have access! 

Consent Form for Disclosure (access via phone and in person) 

FERPA, also known as The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, recognizes that a student and only the student can access their educational, financial, or personal records at the college. Once the student reaches the age of 18 or attends college, the parent no longer has access to the students records without explicit permission from the student.

boxConsent Form for Disclosure: 

The student and only the student can give their parent access to these records by filling out the “Consent Form for Disclosure”. When the student fills out this online form, the parent can contact the school or visit the school and the school can then provide information directly to the parent.

The college can only provide information if the following is completed: 

line Parent or guardian is on the consent form. 
line Four Digit PIN is provide.
line Security question is answered correctly.
Proxy (access online) 

If you (the student) would like someone to be able to physically access your account, then you have the option to designate that person as a “Proxy”. By doing this, our college will create an account for your proxy, giving them their own access site to view your Financial Aid Portal and Student Financial Portal.

Where does the student go to add a Proxy?
My Self-Service -> Left Hand Side Option Bar

my self service, left hand side options

Once the parents is added, be sure the email provided for the parent is correct. Alma College will email the parent and provide a username and password! 

Password Reset Help?
989-463-7347 or 989-463-7144

                                           Review more about Proxy!


Required Health Insurance Enrollment or Waiver


Health Insurance 

All students must be insured. If you already have insurance through your parent or guardian, you will want to waive the college health insurance. If no action is taken, then you will automatically be enrolled and charged. 
(You must waive your insurance every year prior to the start of term.) 

You can enroll or waive health insurance on the Wilcox Medical Center website,

Any questions contact:

Print out a copy of an estimated timeline of important items to keep in mind: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Review some basic questions that someone like yourself may want to ask…

When will I receive my bill and when is it due?

Your fall semester bill will be available August 3rd and due August 31st. You will need to make sure your loans are secured and/or payment plans are set up by this time. At Becoming a Scot Day you will have the opportunity to meet with our Financial Aid and Financial Services Offices. 

How do I access my Alma email?

This can be accessed through your web portal under the “Welcome to the Alma College Family” banner ( Your email address is Your password is the same as your web portal access.

What do I need to do if I took dual enrollment classes?

Please send us your official college transcript (Alma College Admissions Office, 614 W Superior Street, Alma, MI 48801) so our Registrar’s Office can do a credit evaluation before you are on campus for Becoming a Scot Day.

What if I need to change my class schedule after attending Becoming a Scot Day?

During Orientation (the few days before fall classes start and only freshmen are on campus), you will be meeting one-on-one with your adviser. You will be able to discuss your upcoming schedule and any changes that need to be made at this time. 

When do classes start?

Your First Year Seminar class starts during Orientation, but the first full day of classes for the fall semester is TBD.

Helpful Websites & Phone Numbers 


(989) 463-7497

Financial Aid 
(989) 463-7347

Financial Services 
(989) 463-7144

(989) 463-7092