Alma’s KCP Mentor Program provides mentorship for any first year student seeking mentorship in navigating college and all it has to offer: the academic, social, and financial aspects. First year students seeking mentorship are partnered with peer mentors to receive advice about college success and campus resources.

Mentoring Matters

The mentors of the KCP Mentor Program are made up of Alma College students, faculty, and staff members, which means they have all the experiences, tips, and tricks, first year students desire to learn when it comes to staying in rhythm with Alma’s beat. 

Our student mentors, ranging from sophomore to senior status, are strong leaders within the campus community. Between music, athletics, service learning, Greek Life, and academic clubs they have seen and done it all. Student mentors are armed with knowledge on available campus resources like tutoring, resume development, and financial counseling.

The Alma College faculty and staff members carry a wide variety of expertise. Faculty and staff mentors are great resources for students looking for help with career planning, academics, and much more.

While we are here for academic support and financial counseling, our mentors are also here to be a friend when students find themselves needing one. Whether it’s grabbing lunch or studying together, a student’s mentor will help them through all the ups and downs they may face during their first year of college.

Meet a Mentor

Mentor Brittany Pierce is a Junior from Leslie, MI studying sociology and history. Brittany decided to come to Alma College for Model UN and the Public Affairs Institute. Brittany became a KCP Mentor because, “as a first generation college student, knowing how hard it can be to come [to college]” Pierce wanted to “be a part of a support system for others and their success.”


Contact Us 

If you have any questions or would like more information about the KCP Mentor Program you can email us at or come visit us in the Center for Student Opportunity!

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