Campbell Scholars

The Campbell Scholars Program provides cultural, academic, social, and financial literacy resources and mentorship to students of color and their allies during their four years at Alma College. Our mission is to develop pathways that lead to educational success, college persistence, and graduation for all students with an emphasis on students of color. Campbell Scholars participate in a range of enrichment activities including social, cultural, leadership programs throughout the year!

First-year Campbell Scholars participate in the Julius Chatman Living Learning Community, where they live together, build connections, and develop their leadership skills in a residential setting. 

About David Campbell 

The designation “Campbell Scholars” is in honor of Alma College graduate and trustee David Campbell, the longtime president of the McGregor Fund who died July 7, 2013, after a battle with cancer. We honor the dream and legacy of David Campbell with this program. His vision for increasing access to Alma College lives on through these students and future students. 


  • Self-identify as a student of color (i.e. Black/African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino/a/x, Asian, Pacific Islander, Multi-racial). 
  • Be interested in advocating for the advancement of students of color in higher education if you are a student of color or do not identify as a student of color. 


First-Year Students
  • Participate in pre-orientation activities for students of color
  • Enroll in the King-Chávez-Parks Mentor Program (KCP) as a mentee (sophomores may enroll in KCP as a mentee during their second year).
  • Attend academic, social, and cultural programs throughout the year
  • Participate in a group community service project
  • Enroll in a general education course with the other JCLLC members
  • Maintain a 2.7 GPA
Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
  • Attend and/or coordinate academic, social, and cultural programs throughout the year
  • Serve as a mentor for first-year Campbell Scholars and a program ambassador
  • Sophomores have the option of enrolling in the KCP Mentor Program as a mentee and completing a Campbell Scholar Success Plan during their second year
  • Maintain a 2.7 GPA


  • Connections and lifelong friendships 
  • Leadership and networking opportunities that make you attractive for campus leadership positions (Resident Assistants, KCP Mentors, First Year Guides, Student Congress) 
  • Personalized access to campus resources 
  • Opportunities to travel off campus 

First-year students also receive a total $750 benefit at the Alma College Bookstore through their participation in the Julius Chatman Living Learning Community. JCLLC participants will receive a $375 credit to the Alma bookstore upon acceptance to the program. They will earn a $375 credit to the bookstore upon successful completion of the fall term program requirements and $375 credit to the bookstore upon successful completion of the winter term program requirements as a part of the next year’s stipend.

After the first year, Chatman Community students who are invited to continue as Chatman Community mentors in the Campbell Scholars program and will have adjusted requirements and can continue to earn up to $375 of bookstore stipend money per semester completed.

How to Join

First-Year Students

Complete the online application to join the Campbell Scholars program. Once you’re a Campbell Scholar, you are automatically enrolled for the next year and will continue to receive notifications about our events!  

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors 

Students of color and their allies can complete the online application to join the Campbell Scholars Program at any time during their four years at Alma College. You’ll have access to the same social, academic, and cultural programs, and networking and mentorship opportunities. Some of the eligibility requirements may be slightly different, so please contact the Diversity and Inclusion Office to learn more. 

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