Diversity & Inclusion Office

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Alma College strives to provide opportunities for students to learn about self and others while creating spaces for each of us to be our most authentic selves. The diversity programming should challenge and encourage us to move beyond our comfort zones. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is a space and resource for all students, staff, faculty and administrators to learn about our differences and how to be intentionally inclusive.  

Programming Grants


Student Organizations

Alma College has many student organizations that address the needs of our diverse students. Here is a link to those organizations: Student Organizations.

Recent Stories

  • Najelle Gilmore: A Champion for Reflection
    Newspaper editor, leadership intern, sorority member and fly fishing — Najelle Gilmore’s varied college experiences have prepared her for a career in student affairs. “I want to get ahead of problems rather than just fix them,” she says.
  • Chaplain Andrew Pomerville: Walking with Students on Their Faith Journeys
    “There is so much potential for Alma College to be a leader as a college that embraces spiritual life. I love being available and seeing how many students want to enjoy and practice their faith.” — Andrew Pomerville
  • TiKilah Turner: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
    “You have to invest in yourself through the college to take advantage of the many networking opportunities that can lead to really grand avenues of success.” — TiKilah Turner