Munch Money

Munch Money is accepted at all of our on-campus dining locations and several off-campus restaurants. It’s loaded onto your student ID cards and spends like cash for a meal, coffee or a quick snack.

Where Can I Spend My Munch Money?

  • Joe’s Place
  • Hamilton Commons
  • Starbucks in the Alma Bookstore
  • El Vaquero
  • Jimmy Johns
  • Pizza One
  • Gratiot Medical Center
  • Highland Blush
  • Healthies of Mid Mitten
  • Block House
Munch Money logo

How Munch Money Works

Munch Money is loaded onto your ID card (the amount depends on which meal plan you choose) and spends like cash at the dining locations above. If you don’t use all of your Munch Money in your account during the fall term, it carries over into the winter term. Munch Money does not carry over from April to September, so be sure to spend it all before the academic year ends.

If you do run out, don’t worry, you can always add more Munch Money to your account. Money you add to your account does stay in your account from year to year.  Munch Money purchased separately from your meal plan is non-refundable.

While Munch Money spends like cash, it cannot be used toward the purchase of alcohol, cigarettes or lottery tickets.