Counseling Center

Counseling and Wellness provides a variety of free and confidential counseling services for our students.

Wilcox Counseling and Wellness offers counseling and psychiatric services that facilitate students’ personal development to participate more successfully in the Alma living and learning community.

Counseling is a collaborative experience in which you, the client, and a professionally trained counselor work together to help you understand emotions, thoughts, and ideas you might have and develop strategies to overcome challenges in your life.

Our professional staff is objective and non-judgmental guides to assist students in overcoming both long-standing and immediate problems. We strive to help students develop new skills and perspectives to enrich their lives.

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What services do we offer our students?

Our licensed professional counselors provide focused individual, relationship and group counseling. In addition, walk-in emergency services are available daily for students who feel in urgent need of help or crisis intervention. Students may also arrange for psychiatric evaluations and medication management with our doctor of nursing practice (DNP).

Students at Alma College seek counseling for a variety of reasons. These include stress, anxiety, homesickness and adjustment concerns, perfectionism, depression, grief, drug and alcohol concerns, suicidal thoughts, relationship and roommate issues, sexual and gender identity, intimate partner violence and sexual assault and abuse. 

Counseling and Wellness Information

Hours (Monday—Friday):
8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. (Closed over lunch)

The Counseling and Wellness Center will maintain regular hours during the months of June and August and will close the month of July. 

If you have any questions or need additional support during this time of transition, please e-mail your counselor or call the office at (989) 463-7225 to speak to a counselor.

 (989) 463-7225
Fax: (989) 463-7353

Crisis Appointments:
Phone: (989) 463-7225

After hours emergency contact:
Call 911

Go to Mid-Michigan Medical Center Emergency Room  (311 Warwick Dr., Alma, MI)

Alma College Administrator on Duty: (989) 560-5972

Alma College Security:
(989) 463-7777