STEM Camps

ACORN Program

Alma College’s math and science program provides a variety of research and leadership experiences for our students. The first chance you have to be a part of our strong science and math community is through our ASPIRE summer research experience! For one week you and other incoming Alma students will work alongside faculty, who will guide you through exciting research.

Applications are due April 30. Contact Victor Argueta with any questions.

e-STEM Cooperative Research Experience (CORE) 

CORE is a program for K-12 teachers. There are different experiences for teachers to choose between.  The three different options offer a stipend, money for classrooms and SCECH hours.

CORE Option 1:  Technology 

In this instructional technology session, K-12 teachers identify technology needs in their classroom and work on projects to address those needs. This experience is completely on-line and designed for various levels of technology ease and integration in the classroom. Activities may include designing websites, becoming certified technology trainers and creating technology-enhanced classroom artifacts. Dr. Jessie Store is teaching this CORE experience.  Teachers will receive a $500 stipend and $250 to spend in classroom supplies to support their learning.

CORE Option 2:  Ambitious Science Teaching (AST) and the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM).

This is a workshop centered around the AST framework that supports teachers in making curricular and NGSS-related connections to phenomena-based teaching. The AST book is provided.  Meetings will take place in a synchronous online format from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon EST.

Through this workshop k-12 teachers will learn about the tools and knowledge to implement the AST core practices in their own classrooms, whatever level they teach.

This CORE experience is being taught by Brian Hancock.

Participants will receive a stipend of $500 and $250 for classroom supplies.