Severe Weather Shelter Locations

Academic & Administration Buildings

Clack Art



Men’s restroom, cafe office, kitchen supply room

Copy Center

Interior office located on the east side of building, no windows

Centennial House


Dow Science Center

Lower level corridor northeast of the planetarium

Dunning Memorial Chapel

Lower level

Eddy Music Center

Men and women’s restroom, corridor along lockers, instrument storage rooms, practice rooms

Hamilton Commons

Lower level corridor from hall to kitchen, behind Sodexo office, mail box are under stairwell, and restrooms

Hogan Athletic Center

Locker rooms, corridor along cheer room/football offices, first floor women’s restroom

Hood Building

Lower level restrooms

Kehrl Library

Lower level corridor near IT offices

McIntyre Center for Exercise & Health Science

Men and Women’s restrooms, Hogan locker rooms

Communication and Marketing Office (Grant Street)


Oscar E. Remick Heritage Center


Reid-Knox Administration Building

Men and Women’s restroom; if possible get to SAC or Chapel

Stone Recreation Center

Men and women’s locker rooms

Swanson Academic Center

Lower level south corridor, interior south offices, interior south classrooms

Trower Building

Basement – northwest corner in supply room

Tyler-VanDusen Campus Center

Go to Gelston lower level

Wilcox Medical Center

Get to Hogan if possible; if not, interior restrooms

Residence Halls

Bruske Hall

Restrooms and center hallways in first floor quads. Keep room doors closed.

Gelston Hall

Basement corridor in west wing. Keep room doors closed.

Mitchell Hall

Basement corridor staying away from window areas.

Newberry Hall

Basement corridor staying away from window areas.

Cary/Bonbright and Nisbet/Brazel Halls

Lowest level corridor in each building. Keep room doors closed.

Wright Hall

First floor east or west wing corridor. Keep room doors closed.

535 Wright Ave. Apartments

Basement laundry area.

530 Wright Ave. Apartments

Bathrooms in your apartment. If possible lie in bathtub with blankets covering your face.

Small Housing, Including Smith Alumni House

If you have a basement, go to basement, stay away from windows, usually under a stairway is a safe place.

If you have no basement, go to center hallway, keep doors closed, stay away from windows, cover your face with blankets.

Athletic Facilities

If time doesn’t allow a move to the designated areas above, shelter in place as directed below:

Bahlke Field

Home side – Move to Hogan locker rooms, concession stand, concession storage and Men and Women’s restrooms

Visitor side – Move to Stone Rec Center Men and Women’s locker rooms

Klenk Park

Lower press box storage, stay in dugouts and cover face

Scotland Yard

Lower press box storage if open, baseball dugouts and cover face

Softball Field

Upper and lower press box (in upper press box, stay to back wall with face covered), dugouts

Tennis Courts

Move to Carey/Bonbright or Wright Hall corridors