Health Concerns & Medical Procedures

Medical emergencies, including alcohol poisoning

  • For any situation that requires immediate medical attention or treatment, call 911. Then contact campus safety.
  • For suspected alcohol poisoning, refer to the effects/risks, signs and response document.
  • After appropriate notifications have been made, try to keep the victim calm until emergency responders arrive.
  • Campus Safety will notify the administrator on duty.
  • After emergency responders have control of the situation, the AOD will notify the VP of Student Affairs or the director of campus life.
  • The VP of student life will notify the president and, if appropriate, the CMT will convene.

Suspected Communicable Diseases

  • Notify the Wilcox Medical Center (ext. 7181) of any suspected communicable disease.
  • The Wilcox Medical Center staff is responsible for collaborating with the local hospital and public health department in determining the appropriate response and treatment.
  • The director will notify the VP for student life or, in his absence, the president in the event of a suspected outbreak.

Food Borne Illnesses

  • Upon notification of an alleged food borne illness or complaint, the general manager of dining services will call his/her district manager and then notify the local health department to begin investigation of the complaint.
  • The general manager will then promptly notify the president or COO.