About Our Logo



The words “Alma College” appear boldly, in the Granjon typeface that boasts classically elegant lines, but are also supported by strong serifs to convey the foundation and strength of the college. This strong serif style gives Alma a beautiful, yet timeless sense of balance and style, suggesting the confidence that alumni, students, faculty and staff, parents and donors can place in Alma.


The Alma logo consists of a pinecone stemming from a single pine bough — familiar symbols of the college, since both appear in the seal, as well.

The pine is a deeply symbolic image. Though it frequently stands as an emblem of courage, resolution and good luck, it is most often associated with the renewal of life. Pines not only remain green throughout the winters, but are also one of the first trees to re-emerge after a forest fire — representing the hope that is kindled after “coming through the fire.”

Alma has faced its own adversity, including the college’s historic fire in 1969. Yet diligent dedication and perseverance have allowed Alma to continue to yield generation after generation of bright young minds.

Because of this correlation between the pine and the Alma experience, first-year students are given pine tree starts to care for throughout their years at Alma. The growth and maturity that students attain through the course of their education is paralleled by the growth of their individual pines.

The design is finalized with a circle, a symbol of unity and strength that is also representative of our holistic approach to education, community of important lifelong relationships and supportive friends, mentors and colleagues.