Communication and Marketing Office

Communication and Marketing house street view with red maple leaves in the foreground.

We tell the Alma story!

In the communication and marketing office, we have the happy task of sharing the stories about Alma College, focusing primarily upon the achievement of our students but also upon the excellent work of our faculty, staff and alumni.

Our goal is to raise public awareness of the college and the life-changing educational opportunities our students receive. We’ve been a hidden treasure for far too long! Office staff members thrive on engaging our internal and external audiences, telling the college’s story through publications, the news media, web, videos, social media and other outlets.

What we do:

• Communications and brand strategy
• Writing and editing
• Media relations
• Graphic design
• College publications
• Web and online communications
• Social media outreach
• Digital media production (photography and videography)

Understanding the Alma Brand

Alma College’s brand platform takes a fresh approach to expressing the college’s brand identity: instead of a single tag line, we’re employing a family of versatile brand expressions. These expressions capitalize on the many ways that the English language uses the word “work,” including careers, the concept of working toward one’s goals, and effectiveness (i.e., it works). The four brand expressions are:

• Plaid Works
• Great Scots at Work
• What Will You Work For?
• Your Life’s Work is Waiting

With this family of related expressions, we have a common theme with flexibility. This new approach makes a powerful statement about our academic tradition, culture and outcomes.


Our Brand Statement

“At Alma College, we don’t run from responsibility. We run toward it. Like our Scots forebearers, we have a wide streak of stubborn — and a plaid sense of style. Hard work doesn’t scare us; it strengthens us. Gives us purpose. And inspires us to dream. Our graduates are proof of this simple proposition: Plaid Works. The world will be better for it.” 

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