Campus Safety & Security

As part of our commitment to students, Alma strives to provide a safe learning environment and educate our community about crime prevention.

An integral component of that effort is our Campus Safety and Security Office, located in Tyler-Van Dusen.

The office is open 24/7, 365 days a year, and staffed with trained personnel from STT Security, a nationwide security organization founded in the 1970s. The campus phone exchange is x7777. Campus Safety can also be reached by email at

Campus Safety and Security personnel do not have law enforcement authority; however, they work closely with local and state law enforcement agencies, which are responsible for investigating alleged crimes on campus. Students are encouraged to report all crimes accurately and promptly to Campus Safety and Security, who will notify local law enforcement agencies. Students are also encouraged to dial 911 directly in case of life-threatening emergencies.

Alma College works closely with the Alma Public Safety Department. The APSD has agreed to provide an established relationship with the college by appointing a full-time officer liaison to the college. Our officer liaison meets regularly with STT as well as the campus safety and security committee.

Campus Safety and Security officers work closely with Housing and Residence Life officials and the Alma Public Safety Department to:

Alma College’s Annual Security Report

Copies of Alma College’s annual security report are available upon request. Please contact Kelly Masley to ask to view a copy of the report.

Links to Additional Campus Security Information

Special Services

We offer support services tailored to the Alma College community.

Motorist Assistance is available for Alma College students, faculty and staff experiencing lockouts, dead batteries, flat tires and snowbound vehicles by contacting ASAP Towing at (989) 463-5208 or Campus Safety and Security at (989) 463-7777.

Safety Escort Service is available for Alma College students from dusk to dawn to and from locations on campus or campus-owned property by contacting Campus Safety and Security at (989) 463-7777. While there is very little crime on campus, students are encouraged not to walk alone on campus after dark.

Medical Escort Service for Alma College students, faculty and staff who may be experiencing a mobility-impairing medical condition. Contact Campus Safety and Security at (989) 463-7777 for more information.