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Steuard Jensen

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Victor Argueta-Diaz

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Discover the structure of reality. You’ll study the fundamental laws and building blocks of nature, from the formation of stars to the efficiency of engines. You’ll develop excellent mathematical and

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Engineering Science

Get to the heart of how – and why – things work the way they do. As an engineer, you’ll analyze complex problems and use your knowledge to develop creative

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Integrative Physiology and Health Science

A holistic approach to health. Alma’s integrative physiology and health science (IPHS) program focuses on the complex mechanisms underlying human function. As an IPHS major, you will: Study how physiology

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As a chemist, you’ll be in the business of creating solutions. How do materials interact, combine and change? Chemistry is the study of the composition and transformation of matter at

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Investigate the chemical and genetic mechanisms that regulate living matter. Biochemistry is the study of the chemical reactions that occur within – and relate to – living organisms. As a

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Push the boundaries of science and technology. From developing new ways to detect cancer to using DNA to produce insulin, biotechnologists use living organisms or life processes to improve society.

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