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Pre-Health Professions

Why Alma? Are you planning to become a physician, dentist or physical therapist? Alma College offers curriculums in these areas – and more – to help you prepare for graduate

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Devin Camenares

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Learn how to provide safe, effective, evidence-based care. In Alma’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), you’ll build a cross-disciplinary foundation in the sciences and humanities. Then, you’ll put your expertise

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Engineering Science

Get to the heart of how – and why – things work the way they do. As an engineer, you’ll analyze complex problems and use your knowledge to develop creative

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Ask big questions and find answers through hands-on work in the laboratory and research. As a student of biology, you’ll develop a solid understanding of fundamentals, including the basics of

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Integrative Physiology and Health Science

A holistic approach to health. Alma’s integrative physiology and health science (IPHS) program focuses on the complex mechanisms underlying human function. As an IPHS major, you will: Study how physiology

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Study the structure and function of the nervous system. As the body’s command center, the brain and nervous system are at the heart of everything we do, think and feel.

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Environmental Studies

Help to shape a sustainable future. Alma’s environmental studies program investigates the relationships between the environment and human behavior, health, economics and policy. As an environmental studies major, you will: 

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Clinical Exercise Physiology

Help people move towards healthier, happier lives. Exercise physiologists get people moving, improving their health, fitness and quality of life. In our clinical exercise physiology concentration – part of our

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Investigate the chemical and genetic mechanisms that regulate living matter. Biochemistry is the study of the chemical reactions that occur within – and relate to – living organisms. As a

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