Students Explain Why They Chose Alma

More often than not, when we ask current students and alumni why they chose to attend Alma College, the answer usually comes down to “the people.”

We’re proud of that! We value the Alma College community and those who want to join it. After all, it’s the connections you make along the way that push you the furthest.

Aside from the diverse, tight-knit community that you enter when you step foot on campus, we pride ourselves in the education we provide, our travel opportunities, student involvement on campus, and the vast alumni network that awaits our graduates after Alma College.

Also, of course, the plaid tartan is a big hit!

Here are some of the many reasons our students chose Alma:

Travel opportunities

I’m Elizabeth V., a third-year communication major at Alma College who will be graduating in 2024. Throughout my time on campus, I have been involved in the Kiltie Marching Band, the Highland Arts program, Model United Nations, Chapel, on-campus employment, theatre, Greek life, and most recently, women’s wrestling.

When I weighed my options for continuing my education at a higher level, Alma College stood out for several reasons. I looked at many other institutions of comparable size and with similar values, but none offered the same scope of academic and extracurricular opportunities. Alma’s incredible scholarships also made attending college much more feasible for me.

Since coming to college, I have been able to travel and build relationships with incredible people and organizations around the world (literally!) thanks to Alma’s travel programs, and because of Alma’s liberal arts philosophy, I have been able to explore so many interests from athletics to music and more.

Plenty of extracurricular activities

I’m Zach C., a member of the class of 2023. I will be graduating with a double major in political science and history.

Throughout my years at Alma College, I have been involved in the Sigma Chi fraternity, the Almanian student newspaper, Young Democratic Socialists of America and the Political Science Club.

One of the things that helped me to choose Alma College was the sense when I was walking around campus that I was not just another number, but an individual who could follow my own path and have my work recognized. Alma also offered great opportunities for me to use my education to explore the world in ways that no other college offered.

Small campus size

I’m Cara H., currently a first-year student on the marketing track. I currently am involved in Greek life, and I work in the admissions office on campus.

I chose Alma College because of its campus size and location, the scholarships I received and academic support, more accessible transportation, and my sister, who also goes here. I also was intrigued by the Alternative Breaks that were offered throughout the year. In fact, I am heading to California in February to help restore Joshua Tree National Park.

This Alternative Break seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime! Helping a community and the environment is something that means a lot to me.

Close relationships with faculty

I’m Blake J., a member of the Class of 2022. With respect to the affordability of Alma, when compared to all of the other schools I was looking at, I would be paying twice the amount or more to attend other schools. Alma gave me countless scholarships and grants to help me get through college, and even helped me find others when I was worried about cost. If I could make the decision again, I’d pick Alma College hands down.

The personalized feel of the choir program drew me for years before I even came here. Dr. William “Doc” Nichols, the director of the program, would send me personalized postcards when they were on tour to keep me informed on how the choir was doing and to ask me how my life was going.

Once I came to Alma and graduated, that didn’t stop. I was in the local newspaper at one point, at Doc Nichols took the time to send me the article so I could have it for my own personal collection. The choir program here at Alma makes everyone feel at home and welcome.

Although everyone has a unique reason to come to Alma, we know it’s a choice that our alumni and students would make over and over again. Learn more about life at Alma College at