5 Ways to Tell if a Degree in Communication and Information Technology is Right for You

Perhaps you have gotten along quite well in your career with a bachelor’s degree. What’s next? Many professionals consider getting a master’s degree, but question whether the effort and cost are worth it to them. Consider these points to determine if a Master of Science in Communication and Information Technology (M.S. in CIT) from Alma College is the right fit for you. 

  1. You want to get a job: The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that information technology jobs will grow at a faster than industry average rate of 13 percent by 2040, with the median salary double that of all other occupations reporting. In addition, industry reports show that of the best jobs in the U.S. in 2022, the top 10 jobs, and 20 of the top 40 jobs, are all in the information technology profession. An advanced degree like the M.S. in Communication and Information Technology from Alma College provides a multitude of benefits to both students looking to learn or enhance modern employable skill sets and to employers who are focusing on hiring and retaining the best workforce available.
  2. You want to be in a position to make change: You’ve got your bachelor degree and a wide range of technical skills. You’ve never backed down from a challenge, including the ones posed by a graduate-level degree. But a successful degree candidate really wants to help make the kind of change in the workplace and in the world in a way that will make a lasting impact: the way organizations do business in a rapidly evolving field like IT. And, if being fully immersed in the world of change is where you want to focus your career, then you have to start somewhere, and the best place to start is at Alma. We make it easy to find a place to begin that journey.
  3. You want a degree structured around your life: If you have ever wondered if you could fit an advanced degree in information technology into your busy schedule without having to dramatically shuffle the rest of your life, the answer is: Yes! At Alma, the M.S. in Communication and Information Technology offers a flexible, online structured curriculum. Classes are taught online and are scheduled to allow working professionals to remain employed while enrolled in the degree. Students have an opportunity to attend full or part time and can complete the degree at their pace, all from the location most convenient to them, all while keeping a day job. It doesn’t get any more convenient to fit education into your life at Alma.
  4. You want to learn the best content from the best teachers: Importantly, with today’s vast availability of online resources, it is critical to choose your source content wisely. That is why in addition to the online, part-time format, the M.S. in CIT is a course of study taught by industry professionals-in-residence. Professionals-in-residence are faculty who are both trained educators and industry practitioners with years of experience. That means you will learn from renowned instructors without having to move or step away from your job and life to attend an institution where specific faculty happen to teach. This program format will maximize your learning experience while minimizing life’s disruptions.
  5. You are ready to be the best you: You’ve always followed your passion, now it’s time to further unlock your potential. The Alma M.S. in CIT creates students who are talented, motivated employees, great communicators and writers, have relevant modern skill sets, and who can learn to lead and grow. Our program provides the framework for the modern information technology leaders of the future, and the blueprint for successful industry professionals at any level.

It’s not enough to be prepared for tomorrow. You want a hand in shaping it. It all begins with a program designed to get you there: the Master of Science degree in Communication and Information Technology (CIT) at Alma College. Be on the forefront of cybersecurity. Find new ways to set up networks, utilize the cloud, and be a trusted source for IT insights. And that’s just the beginning. Visit for more.