Beth Spinner

Dr. Beth Spinner is an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education. Beth teaches elementary literacy courses as well as secondary English methods at Alma College. Her research focuses on supporting English teachers as they teach reading and writing in meaningful and relevant ways. She serves as the college co-chair for the Michigan Council of Teachers of English (MCTE).  





Assistant Professor of Education


Literacy and ELA Education 

Educational Background

  • PhD, English Education, Western Michigan University (2022)
  • MA, Teaching and Curriculum with a focus in Literacy, Michigan State University (2013)
  • BA, History, English, and Secondary Education, Michigan State University (2009)


Assistant Professor 

My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

Literacy and ELA teacher education

Signature course(s):

EDC 266 (Emergent Literacy), EDC 460 (Teaching the Struggling Reader), EDC 346 (Teaching Reading in the Middle and High School)

Recent publications:

Spinner, Elisabeth. “Using Writing to Make Change: Implementing culturally relevant writing instruction and mentor texts in the secondary writing classroom.” Handbook of Research on Writing Instruction Practices for Equitable and Effective Teaching, edited by Tracy Hodges, IGI Global, 2022.


Spinner, Elisabeth. “A Never Ending Journey Towards Balance: Being a mom in the world of academia.” Teacher Reflections on Transitioning from K-12 to Higher Education Classrooms, edited by Amy Broemmel and Nora Vines, 2022.


Spinner, Elisabeth, et al. “From Critical Self Reflection to Cultivating Equitable Literacy Classrooms: Educators Creating PD as They Move Forward with Hope.” Language Arts Journal of Michigan, 48-54.


Spinner, Elisabeth. “Using Activism to Cultivate Social and Emotional Learning in the English Language Arts Classroom.” Handbook of Research on Supporting Social and Emotional Development Through Literacy Education, edited by Jill Tussey and Leslie Haas, IGI Global, 2021, 154-171.


Gogan, Brian, et al. Foundations in Written Communication: Strategies, Behaviors, Success. Michigan: Macmillan Learning Curriculum Solutions, 2020.


Spinner, Elisabeth. “Power in (Re)Writing a Teaching Philosophy.” Language Arts Journal of Michigan. 39.1 (fall 2019): 34-39.

Recent presentations:

“Teacher Preparation as Homeplace: Moving from Fear, Anger, Guilt, and Shame to Critical Consciousness and Action.” 2022 ELATE Conference.


“Between Homeplaces: Real Talk on the Transition from Teacher to Teacher Educator.” 2022 Elate Conference.


“Finding Your Career Homeplace: Navigating the Job Market.” 2022 Elate Conference.


“Using Identity Reflection and Book Groups to Encourage Preservice Teachers to see Influence of Intersection on Education.” 2022 NCTEAR Conference.


“Learning how to teach towards diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity.” 2021 Michigan Council of Teachers of English (MCTE) Annual Conference.


“Preparing the future: Challenges and wins in antiracist teacher preparation.” 2021 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Annual Conference.


“Collective Reimagining: Centering Equity, Justice, and Antiracism among NCTE State Affiliates.” 2021 NCTE Annual Conference.


Teacher mentor and respondent for the “Future is Now” session at NCTE 2021 National Conference.


Veal Seminar Presentation of Research on “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Marrow Thieves: representation and power in the English curriculum.” NCTE 2021 Annual Conference.


Veal Seminar Presentation of Research on “Preparing Teachers to Incorporate Social Organizing Content into their Curriculum.” NCTE 2020 Annual Conference


“Young People Lead the Way on the Climate Crisis.” 2019 Michigan Council of Teachers of English (MCTE) Annual Conference.


“Teaching the pre-service teachers where we left off: Reflecting and interrogating the transition from ELA teacher to teacher educator.” 2019 English Language Arts Teacher Educators (ELATE) Conference.

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