MS in Communication and Information Technology

Steve Jones

Stephan Jones comes to Alma from the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., where he served for more than 10 years as director. After graduating from Alma College in 1978, Jones started a business, providing high-end commercial voice and data networks to a broad range of end users. He provided all the engineering and technical support for his organization, which eventually grew to employ more than 20 people and pulled in more than $2 million in revenue annually. However, he sought something more, and after about 16 years of work, sold his share of the firm and went back to school.

Jones has worked as an educator for more than 24 years. At the Alma College CIT program, he will teach Information Technology Fundamentals, which is a core course designed to introduce

students to technology and facilitate an understanding of how information is created, stored, and moved across various types of networks.




Communication and Information Technologies

Educational Background

Ph.D.  Bowling Green State University Technology Education

M.Ed. Bowling Green State University Career & Technology Education 

A.A.S. University of Toledo Electronic Engineering  Toledo, Ohio

B.A. Alma College Psychology

40+ Industry-related certifications (e.g., cloud computing, wireless networks, data networks, voice systems)

I am...

A facilitator of student learning. Getting students to drive their own long-term, continuous development is my goal in and out of the classroom. Making course content relevant is a critical aspect of the courses I deliver. I am actively involved in my field with the IEEE, bringing emerging content to the classroom.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Communication Society Senior Member

IEEE CoEditor-in-Chief Ethics and Policy in Technology Newsletter, Summer 2017 – current

My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

Nothing. Though I know a LOT about communication technologies. I don’t know any experts in any technology field as we are constantly learning new stuff…

Signature course(s):

Engineering technology courses related to the creation, delivery, storage, and movement of information data.

Recent publications:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business for Non-Engineers, Auerbach Publications (edited with F. Groom) December, 2019

Are Smart Cities Smart? IEEE Future Directions, issue 19 March 2019 (with H. Kieu, L. Borrello, KC Samiran, J. Martin, & K. Watts)

Li-Fi: Opportunities and Barriers, Part 2, IEEE Internet Policy Newsletter, issue 11, September 2018 (with R. Kizer, A. Mantica, N. McNeill, & J. Tobin)

Li-Fi: An Overview, Part 1 - Purpose and Function, IEEE Internet Policy Newsletter, issue 10, June 2018 (with R. Kizer, A. Mantica, N. McNeill, & J. Tobin)

Digital Forensics and Enforcement of the Law, IEEE Internet Policy Newsletter (with S. Bashiri, J. Connor, A. Lytle, & N. Stephens), March 2018

Enterprise Cloud Computing for Non-Engineers. Auerbach Publications (edited, with F. Groom) Spring 2018

Recent presentations:

Subject Matter Expert, Palo Alto Cybersecurity Associate Exam Build, Summer 2022

University of Southern California (USC) Election Cybersecurity Initiative Regional Workshop: IL IN MI MN OH WI, Summer 2021

Ignite ’20, Palo Alto virtual annual cybersecurity conference, Fall 2020

Subject Matter Expert, Palo Alto Cybersecurity Associate Exam Build, Fall 2020

Other recent accomplishments:

Understanding RF Communication Systems in Higher Education, Rhode & Schwarz, June 2022

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals May 2022

5G Radio Access Networks, technical webinar, ElectroRent, June 2021

Palo Alto Cybersecurity Technician certification February 2021 – 2023

Architecting in AWS, 3-day intensive course on cloud infrastructure, January 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect – Associate June 2018 – April 2024

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