Why Do You Love Alma College? Here’s What Alumni Say

Alma College is a place that alumni, family and friends will always hold in their hearts as very special. This is where they learned the skills needed to make an impact on the world, where they expressed themselves creatively, academically and athletically, and where lifelong friendships and family relationships were made. We will forever love Alma College!

Recently, the Alma College Alumni Association asked its fans on Facebook a simple question: Why do you love Alma College? Here is what they had to say.

Friendships and family

I ❤️ Alma because of the lifetime friends I made! Go Thetas! — Christine S.
I love Alma because I met my husband there. It’s become our family thing - both of our kids are Alma grads now, too! — Debora C.
I ❤️ Alma because of the lifelong friends and memories! And the way it feels like a family - anytime you meet anyone who went to Alma, it’s immediately a special bond! — Christine P.
I love Alma because I met my lovely wife and many lifelong friends there. — Justin B.
I ❤️ Alma because of the amazing friendships that are still thriving today and the awesome connection it builds between my mom and brother who also attended Alma. I can’t forget the Alma College Choir and how impactful Doc and those experiences have been to my life. — Samantha L.

Career and personal development

I ❤️Alma because it allowed me to meet some of my best friends and forced me to become the best version of myself! I’m so thankful for the mentors and connections I made during my time there. Always proud to be a Scot! — Allyson C.

I ❤️ Alma because 30 yrs later, it still feels like home. I met incredible people and it prepared me for a career I love (teaching). — Tami O.

I ❤️ Alma because I was able to receive the best career preparation while making memories with life long friends and my now husband. I loved my time at Alma so much that I’ve taken every one of my cousins on a visit during their junior year. Now 2 of them have decided to attend Alma. Go Scots! — Ashley M.

I ❤️ Alma because of the wonderful connections both personally and professionally. — Missy R.

I ❤️ Alma because it taught me to how to think critically, learn, and lead in a spirit of empathy and service. — Amy P.

A great education!

I ❤️ Alma because I received a high quality education that prepared me for my career while at the same time I meeting the most amazing friends and participating in opportunities not even on my radar when I applied to attend there. Doors opened up for me to expand my life experiences (sports, highland dance, campus job, etc) in a supportive environment. — Doreen L.

I ❤️ Alma because of the challenge it gave me academically and the lifetime friendships found there. — Anna W.

I ❤️ Alma because it opened my mind to new ways of thinking and opened my heart to life-long friendships! #plaidworks — Jessica K.

I ❤️ Alma because if the cadaver lab! — Bethany B.

I ❤️ Alma because it allowed me to learn crucial skills and take part in once in a life time experiences that I can use both professionally and personally. It also started a legacy of my siblings attending! — Kimber B.

I ❤️ Alma because my professors have gone above and beyond in preparing me to be a teacher that educates confident world-changers! — Katie R.

Everything Alma College will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, at I ❤️ Alma Day. At this virtual event, alumni, parents and friends will join together to celebrate and advance Alma College.