6 Truths That Only Alma College Alumni Will Understand

While every generation leaves their own unique imprint on Alma College, we know there are some aspects of the Alma experience that unite us all. Here’s a few takes that you know are true — but only if you graduated from Alma College.

Despite their name, it’s not easy to keep an evergreen tree alive.

How many Scots still have the trees we were given during Welcome Week?

There’s no better way to wake up than hearing someone practice bagpiping.

After you graduate, you start to miss hearing them.

“Double crust, double cut, baked on a screen, spices baked in” is the only way to eat a pizza.

Pizza Sam is an essential stop on any homecoming trip back to Alma College. Remember to stop at Pizza One, too — it’s alumni-owned and equally delicious!

It’s OK to get lost in Bruske Hall.

The tower design has confused all of us at some point.

There’s no wedding venue in the world quite like Dunning Memorial Chapel.

Chances are, you know someone who has been married there.

Unexpected encounters with fellow alums are common.

For such a small school, we have a big alumni base!

We’ll celebrate all things Alma College on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, at I ❤️ Alma Day. At this virtual event, alumni, parents and friends will join together to celebrate and advance Alma College. Learn more here.