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280 POL

In 2008 a one-term senator became president of the United States because he understood how Facebook could mobilize people and their money. In 2016 a businessman with no political experience became president of the United States because of his ability to write infuriating but engaging 140-character Tweets. Will the presidential election of 2024 be won by whoever can do the best TikTok dance? While some see all of this as a sign of the democratization of communications and politics, others view it as the collapse of a political stability into a post-truth, pseudo-authoritarian, algorithm-driven nightmare. In Politics in the Age of TikTok we will study this change from diverse perspectives while using a variety of analytical tools and methods. From this study you will gain a deeper insight into the larger technological, historical, social, mass media, and political dynamics that have transformed our politics over the past 20 years. By understanding these trends, you can use them to further your own goals or just to make more sense out of a seemingly chaotic world.