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742 PBH

This course examines a series of questions about death and dying from the perspective of medical ethics. A large number of?issues?arise from end-of-life decisions. Should the medical profession preserve life at all costs, or are there circumstances in which compassion and respect for patient autonomy require the?medical profession to help patients?end their lives in order to stop their suffering??Should the need to preserve health care resources for medical treatment for patients with a greater?prospect of?a healthy future play a role in our decisions on discontinuing treatment for terminally or chronically?ill patients??Sadly, many patients nearing the end of their lives suffer from dementia, and this raises issues about how to respect their wishes when their ability to express them and to make autonomous treatment requests is impaired.?All of?these questions will be addressed using a framework of?general?ethical?theories?and of moral concepts that are particular to medical ethics.