Mercedez Morgan

I graduated in


I majored/minored in


I currently live in

Grand Rapids

My current or most recent professional title/role is

Chemical Lab Technician at Vertellus

My career path and accomplishments since graduating from Alma:

Since graduating from Alma I have moved over to the Grand Rapids area to work at a fine chemical plant doing analytical testing for the plant. I also got married, and we adopted another cat, which brings us up to three.

My Alma experience prepared me for my career, graduate school, and life by

My Alma Education has helped me so much! When I graduated and was looking for a job the experiences as Alma helped to find out what field of chemistry I wanted to be involved in, more analytical and working with instruments directly, as well as helped me get the job! Alma provides a lot of growth and when I tell people where I graduated from they are always amazed!