Cassie Freeman

I graduated in


I majored/minored in

Chemistry (math/biology double minor)

I currently live in

Kalamazoo, MI

My current or most recent professional title/role is

Quality Control Technician at Kalsec

My career path and accomplishments since graduating from Alma:

I started working at the company Kalsec. Kalsec is a privately owned spice company located in Kalamazoo, MI that provides taste, sensory, colors, natural food protection and advanced hop products to food and beverage manufactures. Within my first year working at Kalsec, I have been able to participate in a sensory training program, have written standard manufacturing procedures, and I am currently doing a developmental for quality supervision. I am excited to see what my future holds!

My Alma experience prepared me for my career, graduate school, and life by

My Alma education helped me discover my love for chemistry and drove me toward my current career path within industry. The courses I took have lead me to think critically and have pushed me to do things out of my comfort zone. I also have gained leadership skills and confidence for my personal and professional success.