Abigail Grout

I graduated in


I majored/minored in

Chemistry (Mathematics minor)

I currently live in

West Olive, MI

My current or most recent professional title/role is

Wet Chemistry Technician for ALS Environmental USA

My career path and accomplishments since graduating from Alma:

I’ve focused on working in the laboratory industry after graduating to learn more hands-on skills and gain important work experience in my interests.

My Alma experience prepared me for my career, graduate school, and life by

Instrumental Analysis was one of the most important classes I ever took at Alma College. All the chemical laboratory skills I learned in that class are vital for my laboratory job. When I was job hunting, many interviewers that I talked to were impressed by the variety of instruments I had experience with thanks to that class. Working as a Chemistry Lab Teacher’s Assistant and learning important safety skills also impressed my laboratory manager, as safety is an important aspect of my work environment at my current job.