Trevor Quast

I graduated in


I majored/minored in

Chemistry & Anthropology double major

I currently live in


My current or most recent professional title/role is

Senior Laboratory Technologist @ DuPont

My career path and accomplishments since graduating from Alma:

Since graduating from Alma, I was employed by Kelly Scientific contracting service as a Lab Technician at Dow Chemical. In 2019, my building became part of DuPont. As of March of 2021, I was hired on as a full-time DuPont employee as a Senior Laboratory Technologist in the Polyurethane laboratory. I assist in the research of new foam building products that are safer, environmentally friendly, and improve on already produced products (Tyvek, GreatStuff, Thermax, etc).

My Alma experience prepared me for my career, graduate school, and life by

One of Alma College’s values is “Critical Thinking”. In R&D, critical thinking is an important skill to have because of its use in everyday life in the lab, whether it is trying to solve why a reaction is going wrong or “how can we make the process better, more efficient, etc”. My Alma education and hands-on laboratory work has helped me have the courage to give valuable input in conversations, meetings, and trials.