Kelly Cuccolo


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Educational Background

B.S. in Psychology 2016, University of the Sciences

M.A. in Psychology, 2018, University of North Dakota

PhD in Psychology, 2021, University of North Dakota 

I am...

committed to student-centered teaching practices. I use engaging and hands-on activities in my classes to help students build skills that will help them apply concepts and theories from psychology to their own lives. In my mentoring, I strive to help students develop the skills and confidence to reach their goals. 


Assistant Professor

My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

sport psychology, exercise, gender and sexuality, and eating disorder etiology and risk factors

My expertise:

I seek to understand gendered experiences in sport and exercise, for example, how the sexualization of women’s bodies impacts their participation in sports and their mental health. I also study how various types of diets and exercise habits impact eating disorder symptoms. 

Signature course(s):

Abnormal Psychology, Foundations of Psychology, Sports Psychology

Recent publications:

Cuccolo, K., Kramer, R., Petros, T., & Thoennes, M. (2021). Intermittent fasting implementation and association with eating disorder symptomatology. Eating Disorders, 1-21.

Kramer, R., & Cuccolo, K. (2020). Yoga practice in a college sample: Associated changes in eating disorder, body image, and related factors over time. Eating disorders, 28(4), 494-512.

Ferraro, F. R., Cuccolo, K., & Wise, R. A. (2021). Should you let your child play football? What about soccer or hockey?. Applied Neuropsychology: Child, 10(2), 165-170.

Cuccolo, K., Irgens, M. S., Zlokovich, M. S., Grahe, J., & Edlund, J. E. (2021). What crowdsourcing can offer to cross-cultural psychological science. Cross-Cultural Research, 55(1), 3-28.

Edlund, J. E., Cuccolo, K., Irgens, M. S., Wagge, J. R., & Zlokovich, M. S. (2020). Saving science through replication studies. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 1745691620984385.

Recent presentations:

Cuccolo, K., & Ferraro, R. (2018). Dieting Discrepancy: Behavioral Differences Between Restrained Eaters and Dieters. 

Cuccolo, K., Agbokou, J., & Rogers, M. M. The Relationship between Psychological Control and Marijuana Use. In APS Virtual Poster Showcase. PSYCHOLOGICALSCIENCE.

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