Nick McClure

Class Year





Software Product Management

Why did you choose Alma College?

Small size, academic ranking and the emphasis on the liberal arts.

What is your favorite memory of being a student?

Walking around campus, to classes, SAGA, or the PE Center, and knowing everyone.

What is your favorite thing about being an Alma alum?

Lifelong friendships and a sense of belonging and camaraderie when meeting other AC folks across class years, geography, or career.

Why do you support Alma College?

Largely for the same reasons I enjoy being an alum: AC was a special time for me, and the academic and life preparation I received has served me incredibly well across a myriad of ensuing experiences. I would like for current and future students to have a similar life-shaping experience.

Why did you join the Annual Giving Steering Committee?

To lend my voice to shaping the college’s future and to do my small part to be a faithful steward.

Why should others support the College?

A strong liberal arts education is an outstanding option for students, and supporting Alma College provides future students with a small, private, human setting in which they can thrive.