Devon Anthony

Class Year



Business Administration


Sales Enablement Program Manager

Why did you choose Alma College?

Alma became the best place for me. As an institution, Alma academically challenged me, socially inspired and gave me opportunities to see the world. I was able to stay true to my interests and encouraged to accomplish what I never knew could be possible.

What is your favorite memory of being a student?

Choir Tour, traveling to Poland, bringing concerts to campus as part of the radio station, meeting friends I still have today – there are so many fantastic memories.

What is your favorite thing about being an Alma alum?

The network. I have met some incredible alumni that have truly helped craft me into who I am today.

Why do you support Alma College?

The College has been part of my family for generations, both academia and community. There are many meaningful memories that have been created in Alma, and I hope to be even a small part of creating more for someone else.

Why did you join the Annual Giving Steering Committee?

Serving on the committee alongside my father is the prime example of legacy commitments that can be generated from an institution. It is my hope that we can represent our generations’ opinions and perspective to create meaningful opportunities for everyone curious about giving.

Why should others support the College?

What we often forget is that even a small donation is helpful. I think as students we don’t always realize the impact of giving. As alumni and stewards to our communities, we have an opportunity to not only educate ourselves on what giving can look like but also the impact that it can create.