Joanne Finnorn, Chair

Class Year



Business & History



Why did you choose Alma College?

Alma’s strong pre-law reputation.

What is your favorite memory of being a student?

Learning inside and outside the classroom with so many interesting and fun friends.

What is your favorite thing about being an Alma alum?

The lifelong relationships I have formed

Why do you support Alma College?

I was a first-generation college student from a rural Upper Peninsula background. Alma opened an exciting world of liberal arts learning for me and enabled me to be successful in graduate school, in my professional career and, most importantly, in leadership and mentoring. I now want to help make these same opportunities available to other students.

Why did you join the Annual Giving Steering Committee?

My desire to engage other alumni in giving to support Alma’s admirable mission “to prepare graduates who think critically, serve generously, lead purposefully and live responsibly as stewards of the world they bequeath to future generations.”

Why should others support the College?

Selfishly, as the college continues to distinguish itself in an environment where many institutions of higher learning are struggling and even closing their doors, an Alma College degree becomes more valuable. More importantly, however, Alma has a proven record of preparing students for meaningful work that has the potential to impact the world dramatically. Contributions to Alma enable donors to multiply their impact through the critical work of current and future generations of students.