Registrar’s Office

1285 EDC

The Special Education minor is designed for those who will work with people with special needs. The Special Education minor does no lead to K-12 teacher certification. The minor is recommended for: 

  • teacher candidates who are not seeking special education teaching endorsement to be more prepared to work with students with special needs.
  • students who are not seeking teaching licensure but plan to work with students with special needs in related professions such as school psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis therapy.

Twenty-seven credits, which must include:

  1. EDC-150 (2 cr)
  2. EDC-250 (3 cr)
  3. EDC-255 (4 cr)
  4. EDC-350 (4 cr)
  5. EDC-355 (4 cr)
  6. EDC-450 (3 cr)
  7. PSY-314 (4 cr).
  8. EDC-230 (3 cr) or PSY-331 (4 cr).

Note: PSY-120 or PSY-121 is a pre-requisite of PSY-331.