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Barb (MacPhail) Lumsden

These lovely Alma alumni have been gathering annually. Unfortunately, this year’s get together had to be cancelled, as did so many other events. Front row: Beth (Eaton) Budreau ’76, Evie (Freeland) O’Neill ’76, Jane Sylvester ’76, Janine (Percival) Corbets ’76, Robin (Bromley) Venuti, Donna (Grunewald) Johns ’76. Middle Row: Diane (Dykes) Price ’76, Angie Leaverr ’77, Barb (MacPhail) Lumsden ’76, Back Row: Betsy (Kerr) Reid ’76, Joanne (Wilkinson) Eastridge ’76, Lynne (Hager) Winter ’76, Linda (Wolff) Clark ’76.

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June 22, 2020