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Derek Stefanovsky

My hometown when I was a student was:

Alma, MI

I graduated from Alma in:


I studied:

Political Science

I currently live in:

Darien, Connecticut

What is your current career/professional role?

Following Alma, I continued my education at Yale University, graduating in May 2019 with the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from Yale Divinity School. In September 2019, I was ordained as an Episcopal priest, and I currently serve as Assistant Rector at St. Luke’s Parish in Darien, Connecticut.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is:

My favorite memories of my Alma College experience are getting to go on off-campus adventures. I learned so much from my P-Global experience in Malawi, and have been able to go back to continue working with the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi multiple times since then. I also enjoyed the multiple Alternative Breaks I did throughout the US, and my spring term to China with Dr. Bu.

Statement about how Alma impacted your personal and professional life since graduating.

When looking for my next steps after college, my close relationship with my Alma professors and my variety of experiences I had at Alma enabled me to get in to the graduate program of my choice. This has launched me into a very fulfilling career path.

What current service and/or philanthropy activity are you involved in?

Much of my work as a priest involves serving my local community alongside my congregation, whether it be in formal church programs or informal activities. Alma instilled in me a real sense of service as part of one’s life, no matter the career path.

Advice I would give a new graduate:

I think all Alma grads should keep in touch with Alma and with the extensive Alma alumni network. There are so many things Alma can help with after graduation including linking you to services like job fairs, graduate school opportunities and career opportunities.

What would you say to a prospective student and their family who was trying to decide if Alma was right for them?

I recommend that people take a look at the variety of extracurricular opportunities Alma has to offer, like Alternative Breaks, P-Globals, and even on campus speaker events. These are all ways to help decide if Alma has what you need to become a well-rounded individual who can succeed in whatever ways you choose.

How I have given back to Alma since graduation:

Along with my wife, I helped facilitate a P-Global experience for a student in Malawi where I went on my own P-Global! This was a fantastic way to help the student expand her horizons as she charts her career course.

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