Office of Alumni Engagement

Billie Schultz

My hometown when I was a student was

Alpena, MI

I graduated in


I studied


I currently live in

Rochester, MN

I am now

a physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, sub specialized in Brain Injury Medicine.

Since graduating from Alma

I was given amazing opportunities to advance my education to care for patients having functional limitations secondary to their underlying neurologic disease and illness. Additionally I am able to help lead and educate the next generation of medical providers.

My Alma education

set the building blocks for my future career. A liberal arts education led to my curious mind, an absolute necessity in the ever changing, ever evolving, ever advancing field of medicine.  Alma College fostered a curiosity with an interest in lifelong learning. This continues daily in my career but also has contributing to my need for ongoing advancement of my education, currently pursuing my Masters in Medical Education.

My favorite place(s) on campus included

Newberry Hall and Dow/Kapp. The first was my dorm for 4 years and I truly loved it, meeting my lifelong friends. The second was where I “lived” and learned the science that guides my career.

My favorite professors(s) included

Dr. Joe Beckmann.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

the little things. I loved evening walks, football games and watching favorite television shows with my friends. I loved the support of the faculty. Most importantly, I loved the size of the school. I was special. I was valued and I felt that way.  I would advise a student to be open to new experiences-educational and social. Alma College will support you as you prepare for your future.

My off-campus study experience(s) included

a trip to El Paso/ Ciudad Juarez with Dr. Lorenz and class to explore the economic, political and social implications of the limited water supply in this large metropolitan area.