Office of Alumni Engagement

Devere Curtiss

My hometown when I was a student was

Vestaburg, MI

I graduated in


I studied


I currently live in

Colorado Springs, CO

I am now

retired from Great Europe Mission.

Since graduating from Alma

I was admitted to Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria to study medicine. This experience exposed me to “post-Christian” Europe and I spent most of my life as an evangelist/church-planter in Austria, helping people find a personal faith in Jesus, congregating them, and also assisting in the establishment of the Union of Evangelical Churches in Austria.  Alma had few evangelicals on campus when I was there. Only one religious organization, “Saints, Sinners, and Skeptics,” was sanctioned and the mood was liberal and questioning. Witnessing for Jesus on that campus helped prepare me for liberal and questioning Europe.

My Alma education

taught me to think critically and be able to express myself cogently.

My favorite place(s) on campus included

the library and biology labs.

My favorite professors(s) included

Ron Kapp and Robert Smith

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

graduation. After squeezing four years of college into five, I managed to be the first in my family to achieve a college degree. Alma was very generous to me.  I would advise students to study hard and don’t take yourself too seriously.

My off-campus study experience(s) included

selling books during three summers in Atlanta, El Paso, and Corpus Christi. It was difficult but profitable work that along with scholarships allowed me to graduate debt-free.