Jackson Nordbeck ’22





I'm involved in:

Cross Country, Track and Field, FCA

After I graduate, I plan to:

After graduating, I plan on attending graduate school for physical therapy and getting my DPT.

My favorite place on campus is:

Chapel Balcony

Some of my favorite professors include:

Dr. Luetkemeier

So far, my favorite class(es) have been:

Anything in the IPHS department!

I'd advise an Alma freshman to:

Do what you feel comfortable with and don’t let others pressure you into doing stuff you don’t want to do.

What I like most about studying at Alma is:

I really like that the classes are small and that you can get to know the professors. Also, all of the professors are really nice and will help if you ask for it.

My favorite part about living on campus is:

I like the community of living on campus. It is nice to have a bunch of friends and classmates living nearby.